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[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 78 (Holiday Gift Guide)

Keywords: program; lda; data; atari; text; sta; disk; jsr; computing; dialog box; source code; jsr putc; analog computing; assembly language; gfa basic; computing feature; title screen; hard disk
Downloads: 3,964
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 48 (Atari Status Report)

Keywords: data; atari; disk; software; gosub; graphics; analog; lda; program; printer; analog computing; disk drive; computing november; money order; residents add; atari computer; machine language; toll free
Downloads: 1,784
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 50 (Graphics Issue)

Keywords: atari; data; disk; analog; program; graphics; color; software; computing; programs; analog computing; disk drive; computing january; data data; print shop; toll free; display list; music studio
Downloads: 1,736
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 42 (Atarzee)

Keywords: data; atari; gosub; disk; program; analog; color; poke; goto; analog computing; disk drive; word processor; word processing; character set; toll free; residents add; money order
Downloads: 1,562 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 79 (Double Megafile Storage)

Keywords: atari; data; disk; program; lda; computing; sta; file; dialog box; analog computing; gfa basic; source code; radio button; rem xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; stack pointer; hisoft basic; consumer electronics
Downloads: 1,516
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 44 (Parallel Interface)

Keywords: atari; data; disk; program; software; analog; color; poke; computing; graphics; analog computing; disk drive; computing july; inverse ctrl; easy draw; hard disk; personal pascal; residents add
Downloads: 1,327
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 59 (Buyers Guide Presentation Graphics)

Keywords: data; lda; atari; sta; analog; disk; print; bne; cmp; computing; analog computing; lda sta; sta lda; return proc; computing april; clc adc; disk drive; lda cmp
Downloads: 1,211
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 64 (Entertainment Issue Snowplow)

Keywords: data; lda; sta; jsr; atari; print; rts; bne; bcd; ldx; lda sta; graphics mode; bcd number; analog computing; mandelbrot set; decimal mode; sta lda; lda ttl; ldy tto
Downloads: 1,183
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 43 (Atari in the Home)

Keywords: data; atari; poke; gosub; disk; program; analog; position; goto; color; analog computing; computing june; disk drive; inverse ctrl; basic view; residents add; jsr jsr; writing mode
Downloads: 1,159
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 56 (Four-Star Software)

Keywords: data; atari; lda; analog; program; disk; sta; jsr; computing; gosub; analog computing; inverse ctrl; disk drive; machine language; device handler; print shop; word processor; atari computer
Downloads: 1,061
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 47 (DLI Tutorial Deathzone)

Keywords: data; atari; program; disk; software; analog; lda; graphics; computing; computer; analog computing; disk drive; star raiders; computing october; inverse ctrl; print shop; atari computer; machine language
Downloads: 1,036
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 60 (APAC System and DOS-CD)

Keywords: lda; data; disk; sta; analog; color; atari; gosub; computing; program; analog computing; quick screen; video game; disk drive; machine language; return proc; busy buddy; mouse button; basic listing
Downloads: 992
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 53 (Telecommunications)

Keywords: data; lda; atari; sta; disk; analog; program; software; computing; print; analog computing; lda sta; sta lda; computing april; disk drive; skip lda; nite lite; flight simulator
Downloads: 987
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 52 (Entertainment Issue)

Keywords: data; atari; analog; disk; computing; software; program; poke; screen; analog computing; computing march; inverse ctrl; disk drive; character set; print shop; machine language; fine scroll
Downloads: 982
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 45 (Language Issue)

Keywords: atari; data; disk; program; basic; analog; lda; software; computing; color; analog computing; disk drive; computing august; inverse ctrl; return proc; basic editor; lda sta; machine language
Downloads: 976
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 49 (8 Bit Gift Guide)

Keywords: atari; data; software; disk; color; program; computer; analog; graphics; programs; analog computing; disk drive; computing december; residents add; batteries included; leader board; silent service; toll free
Downloads: 922
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 63 (BCALC and Crisis Center)

Keywords: lda; data; sta; jsr; ldy; cmp; bne; atari; rts; ldx; screen memory; graphics mode; analog computing; solar system; machine language; basic editor; disk drive; lda forhat; jsr adddt; jsr ivcrs
Downloads: 915
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 38 (Graphics Issue)

Keywords: atari; data; color; disk; program; analog; computing; screen; graphics; analog computing; computing january; print shop; disk drive; dli maker; return proc; machine language; color palette
Downloads: 911
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 39 (Fifth Anniversay and CES)

Keywords: atari; data; disk; dos; lda; program; software; analog; computing; computer; analog computing; sparta dos; disk drive; computing february; inverse ctrl; atari dos; hard disk; operating system
Downloads: 879
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 51 (Sixth Anniversary)

Keywords: data; atari; disk; analog; color; computing; graphics; software; program; lda; analog computing; character set; disk drive; computing february; keyboard buffer; machine language; vertical blank; toll free
Downloads: 851
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 77 (A Visit with Star Trek TNG)

Keywords: data; poke; goto; atari; lda; program; gosub; bne; computing; analog computing; basic editor; error manual; fast move; skull island; lda location; goto huh; clc adc; atari basic; goto pro
Downloads: 849
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 75 (Use Atari Lightgun in your Programs)

Keywords: data; lda; sta; jsr; bne; ldy; poke; cmp; ldx; rts; gun assist; print print; lda sta; basic editor; light gun; analog computing; dark chambers; atari sig; ldy cprop; lda pnum
Downloads: 809
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 12 (Livewire and Book Reviews)

Keywords: atari; lda; sta; data; program; disk; analog; color; programs; graphics; computing issue; analog analog; machine language; disk drive; inverse ctrl; display list; data perfect; atari computer; clc adc; analog analoq
Downloads: 794
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 57 (Home Use)

Keywords: data; atari; analog; program; print; disk; computing; gosub; software; goto; analog computing; computing september; inverse ctrl; disk drive; flight simulator; red grn; toll free; power supply
Downloads: 789
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 36 (Games Issue)

Keywords: lda; atari; sta; data; disk; analog; color; computing; bne; adc; analog computing; computing november; disk drive; sta lda; lda sta; return proc; clc adc; adc sta
Downloads: 777
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 58 (Adventure Issue)

Keywords: data; atari; analog; gosub; goto; itemloc; computing; disk; ctrl; program; analog computing; computing october; video game; itemloc cyj; disk drive; print shop; knowledge base; ihuerse ctrl
Downloads: 767
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 41 (Adventure Issue)

Keywords: data; atari; disk; program; software; lda; goto; gosub; analog; graphics; analog computing; disk drive; computing april; basic code; type char; hard disk; code description; residents add
Downloads: 718
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 67 (Dungeon Lords)

Keywords: data; dfltfl; atari; lda; program; graphics; screen; sta; ldfl; computing; display list; screen memory; graphics mode; return proc; analog computing; scan lines; basic editor; vsc lms; shadow register
Downloads: 716
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 35 (Printers and the Atari)

Keywords: atari; lda; sta; disk; data; analog; printer; color; program; computing; analog computing; lda sta; sta lda; computing october; disk drive; sta sta; cart cart; inuerse ctrl
Downloads: 712
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 31 (ATASCII Animation and ROTO)

Keywords: data; atari; lda; disk; analog; computing; program; bta; sta; computer; analog computing; computing june; lda sta; return proc; sta lda; bta lda; disk drive; lda bta
Downloads: 667
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 40 (Applications Issue)

Keywords: data; atari; disk; program; analog; lda; computing; software; color; computer; analog computing; computing march; disk drive; machine language; residents add; toll free; jsr ciou; jsr print
Downloads: 603
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 61 (COM DOS and Micro Dungeon)

Keywords: gosub; data; lda; atari; poke; sta; color; disk; goto; video game; hen lprint; jmp mainloop; disk drive; cpy ttl; analog computing; jmp error; cover price; game system; video games
Downloads: 603
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 76 (Program the XF551 Drive)

Keywords: data; lda; sta; atari; byte; disk; program; jsr; computing; cmp; ram disk; basic editor; analog computing; macro editor; operating system; sta tempo; sharp shooter; light gun; clayton walnum; carry flag
Downloads: 596
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 14 (Retrofire Hexpad Lumberjack)

Keywords: lda; sta; atari; data; disk; program; software; jsr; ldx; clc adc; sta lda; disk drive; lda sta; machine language; computing issue; residents add; immerse ctrl; lda clc; data statements
Downloads: 587
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 66 (Slave II)

Keywords: atari; data; program; poke; goto; screen; graphics; computing; disk; screen memory; graphics mode; floating point; basic editor; fine scrolling; character set; pokey player; fine scroll; display list; pla sta
Downloads: 585
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 24 (BOFFO Bopotron)

Keywords: lda; data; sta; atari; disk; analog; bta; bne; program; lda sta; sta lda; analog computing; lda bta; computing issue; sta sta; bta lda; adc sta
Downloads: 569
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 71 (Krazy Mazes and Pixel Averaging)

Keywords: data; lda; sta; atari; jsr; program; poke; cmp; bne; rts; data data; basic editor; atari canada; lda tto; data cubic; analog computing; game design; data square; print shop; lst basic
Downloads: 565
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 55 (Programming Issue)

Keywords: lda; atari; data; sta; analog; poke; program; gosub; disk; computing; analog computing; lda sta; computing june; disk drive; inverse ctrl; fast sets; sta lda; character set
Downloads: 547
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 65 (Whats new at CES)

Keywords: atari; data; color; goto; return; disk; gosub; poke; computing; return proc; print shop; video game; consumer electronics; analog computing; zpv offe; power pack; disk drive; byte array; retail price
Downloads: 542
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 74 (Special Graphics Issue)

Keywords: data; lda; sta; jsr; ldx; bne; cmp; ldy; byte; jmp; lda fro; sta fro; degas view; basic editor; stx banksel; analog computing; disk master; return proc; jsr prompt; crystal castles
Downloads: 524
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 73 (Special Adventure Issue)

Keywords: lda; data; sta; bne; cmp; jmp; atari; jsr; dfltfl; dfttft; secret agent; hidden memory; basic editor; sff sff; analog computing; adventure games; desert falcon; command processor; jmp lksee; bryan schappel
Downloads: 522
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 33 (Atari and Music)

Keywords: lda; atari; sta; disk; data; analog; jsr; program; computing; bne; analog computing; lda sta; sta lda; computing august; disk drive; money order; residents add; machine language
Downloads: 508
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 32 (Atari 520ST First Impressions)

Keywords: lda; sta; data; atari; disk; bne; analog; program; jsr; analog computing; nop nop; lda sta; computing july; sta lda; disk drive; machine language; printer driver
Downloads: 481
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 34 (Atari and Education)

Keywords: atari; data; lda; sta; analog; poke; disk; program; computing; color; analog computing; computing september; inverse ctrl; lda sta; disk drive; sta lda; money order; locb number
Downloads: 470
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 18 (Adventure)

Keywords: lda; atari; data; sta; jsr; jmp; disk; print; program; ldx; analog computing; inverse ctrl; computing issue; machine language; lda sta; disk drive; sta lda; atari computer; residents add
Downloads: 467
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 10 (Super Adventure Games)

Keywords: atari; sta; lda; disk; data; program; color; software; ctrl; lda sta; sta lda; computing issue; inverse ctrl; machine language; clc adc; disk drive; sta sta; power supply
Downloads: 466
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 28 (Money Management and New Machines)

Keywords: lda; sta; atari; data; disk; analog; program; computing; color; bne; analog computing; lda sta; sta lda; computing issue; disk drive; tax advantage; clc adc; word processing
Downloads: 448
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 54 (Music Issue)

Keywords: data; atari; disk; analog; poke; program; computing; gosub; sound; analog computing; disk drive; hard disk; rem measure; sound effects; hard drive; return proc; retail price
Downloads: 433
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 23 (Fire Bug)

Keywords: lda; sta; atari; data; gosub; disk; analog; program; color; computing; analog computing; computing issue; lda sta; machine language; disk drive; sta lda; residents add; donkey kong
Downloads: 411
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 30 (Analog Telecom System Z-Plotter)

Keywords: atari; data; lda; sta; analog; disk; program; ldy; computing; analog computing; disk drive; double density; sta lda; lda sta; basic burger; machine language; clc adc
Downloads: 407
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